Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotómicas

In 1999, Cheri Lewis G.wrote the first script for a Panamanian comic titled “Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotómicas” (or Sinister Moo and the Lobotomic Cows).  Siniestro Mu is an extraterrestrial bull who, along with his loyal helper Otto, lands on Earth to find cow leaders; however their plans take an unexpected turn when they meet Pasta and Gass, two special little cows who only want to play and have fun.  The interaction among these characters result in a string of crazy adventures that make the comic hilarious and absurd.

Siniestro Mu and the Lobotomic Cows was launched in a comic format, and distributed for free at schools and local businesses.  Their irreverent characters and wild stories were well-received by the public.  The comics grew in popularity, and in 2004 they appeared on TV as an animated short called “Show de Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotómicas” every Saturday morning on Channel 2 of national television.  The Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotómicas show was on air until 2007.  The shorts can be seen on their Youtube channel: and soon at

Los Colorados

Imagen Los ColoradosIn 2007, Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotómicas decided to take a break, and Cheri Lewis G. started to work on their new project: Los Colorados.

Los Colorados is the best and only band made up of endangered species.  It relates the adventures of Aulli (a howler monkey), Pia (a harpy eagle) and Piro (a tapir); three talented friends combine their passion for music with the desire to make the planet a better place.

Los Colorados blends ecological themes and curious facts about regional animals in a simple and fun manner.  They have an animated series and a album.

The shorts can be found on their Youtube channel: and soon at